Fuck along, now.

A lot of people have most likely heard the origins of the story; Way back in 2006 Vivendi Universal took Michael Donnelly, creator of the MMO Glider bot used by a relatively small amount of people within World of Warcraft, to court. Now two years down the line the story is finally coming to a close. Add a comment

Shortly after Little Big Planet's developers revealed that co-op level creation isn't going to be included until an undisclosed time after the game's release, Fable 2's developers, Lionhead Studios, have revealed that the game's much touted multiplayer co-op features won't be included until god knows when. Add a comment

Little Big Planet's biggest and most important feature, multiplayer online co-op level creation, will not be available at launch, and there's no telling when it will be available. Add a comment

So I decided to browse Slashdot's Games section and all I can find lately are DRM stories about how EA got fucked because everybody pirated Spore blah blah blah. Add a comment

So some dude in Thailand killed a taxi driver and blamed GTA. What's the obvious course of action? Ban Killer7! Something tells me the Thai Ministry of Culture didn't actually play the game. I mean I haven't either! I will soon though so get off my back. Add a comment