Everybody lies, no exceptions.

God dammit I hate how popular this game is. You go to gayfags right now and both versions show up as number 1 and 2 on the top ten games. Add a comment

I wasn't expecting much at all from Fracture. After seeing a few videos and reading about it I assumed that it would be just another game with a gimmick that makes it a little bit different from every other game that's otherwise exactly the same as it. I guess in some ways I was pretty much on the ball with that assumption, but Fracture surprised me and I actually really enjoyed the demo.

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So today's the day that nothing special happens at all, because the Large Hadron Collider is only in its testing stages for the next month or so. Add a comment

A quick video showcase of the 10 preorder bonus card Pinatas for Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise on Xbox 360. Also below: all 10 cards for you to use yourself.

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I had a headache, then I ate two chocolate cupcakes and it disappeared! Musta been some kinda magical cupcake or some shit. Add a comment